5 Songs to Start Your Day Right!

It’s winter here in Sweden and while waking up to a winter wonderland can be a dream come true, sometimes the darkness makes getting up seem a bit gloomy. Here are 5 songs that are sure to brighten your morning and boost your energy so you can take on anything!


  1. ‘So Good’ - Nova Miller. This upbeat, feel good tune is the perfect song to wake up to. Positive lyrics with a fun, retro vibe makes for the perfect combination and is sure to start a morning dance party. Plus it’s by our girl Nova :)

  2. ‘Castle On The Hill’ - Ed Sheeran. This song has taken the charts by storm, and for good reason! You can’t help but get nostalgic about fun summer memories.

  3. ‘24K Magic’ - Bruno Mars. Who doesn’t love a bit of old school funk in the morning? And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Bruno’s powerful, soulful voice is sure to wake you up.

  4. ‘Say my name’- Destiny’s Child. Before Beyonce was Beyonce, she was killing it with her girls Kelly and Michelle. A bit of attitude in the morning never hurt nobody!

  5. ‘Still’ - Seinabo Sey. The perfect song to listen to if you’re feeling a little down with lyrics like, ‘I’ve been thinking bout tomorrow, instead of drowning in the past.’ Swedish queen Seinabo Sey’s smooth sound is guaranteed to start you on the right foot.


What’s your favorite song to wake up to?

XOXO 21-12 team